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Barnes and Noble "Alien"bn (television commercial - 2005) This is the "not-for-air" version (otherwise known as the "better-looking version"). All aspects of what determine the look of this piece were controlled by expressions and sliders I created in After Effects, so (for example) if more or less flicker or randomness were desired, I just adjusted sliders. This made for relatively painless change requests.

WSJ "Dot Man"dotman (television commercial - 2002) Lots of warp-animation of dots. Dots. Lots of dots.

MTV "Stormcorps"mtv (television commercial - 2006) A fast moving collage built completely in After Effects, with digital stills, scanned elements and some video clips. Just an editor and me. Day two was a rough, day three was final*.

*Not to be considered a precedent for future schedules :-)

B.E.T./B.E.T.Mobile Shortbet (from television commercial - 2007) 3D camera tracking and compositing to minimize two crewmember shadows.

General Mills "Whole Grain"genMills (from television commercial - 2005) 3D camera tracking & compositing. This shot needed to be flipped in order to accommodate a logo added later to the right side. Notice the removal of the "boring" building on the right, the sign in the background, and the cereal box in Shep's hand.

I Love NY "This Land"thisLand (television commercial - 2006) 3D camera tracking and compositing on a tight schedule. For the fx shots, the live action plates were shot at the base of the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn. The wall with the “projection” was recreated in CG.

Moby "Lift Me Up"moby (music video - 2006) 3D camera tracking, compositing, keying. Note that some of the bright flarey lights are real and some fake. My favorite shot has a “projected“ image on the screen behind Moby that looked better without being correctly tracked to the plate. See if you can spot it.

NY Lottery "King of Cash"kingOfCash (television commercial - 2005) Some (simple) 3D camera tracking, compositing, cut-out style animation.

Dane Cook"Tourgasm"tourgasm (television commercial - 2006) A fun mixed bag of fx, including 3D camera tracking, 3D environment-swapping (between 3D Studio Max and After Effects), design, compositing, keying, and blowing stuff up.

HP HomeServer "Script"hpscript ("viral" web ad - 2007) Cut-out style animation. (Incidentally, I am not responsible for the annoyingly distorted versions of these pieces elsewhere on the web.)

HP HomeServer "Storm"hpstorm ("viral" web ad - 2008) Similar, but different.

HP HomeServer "Dog Café"hpdog ("viral" web ad - 2008) Similar, but different. But similar.

HP HomeServer "Movie Night"hpmovienight ("viral" web ad - 2008) Similar, but different. But similar. But different.

Golden Gate National Parksggnp (television commercial [PSA]). 3D Matte Paintings, 3D camera tracking, Compositing in After Effects. Tons of techniques. Aired during the Ken Burns National Parks Documentary.

Shack "Lance Armstrong Universe"lance (television commercial). The main compositing is not mine, but there is a ton of my work in this that is meant to be taken for granted, including an original bumpy camera move (Lance's element) that needed to be smoothed out and retimed. I also had to recreate Lance's eyes in After Effects to change the direction he was looking in the original shot. I also replaced (match-moved) the lettering on Lance's jersey due to the original being illegible. I also added flames and lighting effects to the wheels.

Shack "Eagles"eagles (television commercial). Main compositing; bird beak lip-sync, all in After Effects.

Shack "Big Buck"bigbuck (television commercial). I painted the environment for this wacky spot.